Advice from our parents is becoming a thing of the past!  Mother knows best! is not necessarily the case anymore.  With today’s digital world firmly in our hands we have become a generation of modern parents that has a plethora of information at our fingertips. Almost 1 in 5 25-34 yr old’s consult social media before making any baby related decisions/purchases on their first child.

A recent survey and research by Pampers found that modern day parents are now consulting a mammoth 22 sources for every baby related decision. As parents we are now looking for advice from other sources and not just from our own parents. With over half of parents now trusting their friends and peers opposed to their parents for up to date advice on baby related matters.

  • Almost 2 in 3 British parents agree that they spent longer researching and asked for more advice with the first child than any of their other children
  • Men (88%) rely more heavily on consultations with their partners than women (77%) when making baby related decisions on their first child.
  • Parents with children aged 0-2 will consult on average 4 sources for pushchair and car seat purchases and an average of 3 sources for their baby’s sleep patterns and potty training

Nearly a quarter of parents with children aged 0-2 said they consult 5 or more sources when it comes to potty training their child

But it is no surprise to find that nearly half of UK parents were most concerned by their baby’s sleep, as getting your baby to sleep through the night has long been the holy grail for parents. After all, what parent doesn’t want to hear their baby wake up in the morning with a giggle, a sure fire sign that they are well rested and ready for a day of exploration and learning.

Whether its teething, wind, or a damp nappy that’s disrupting those 12 golden hours, every parent has their own tried and tested tricks to help guarantee a restful slumber. Pampers, together with renowned Sleep Consultant Jo Tantum, are asking all parents to share their Pearls of Wisdom for baby’s sleep. They want to know the treasured nuggets of advice, the most valuable and useful tips, which work for your baby and which could help another baby to sleep through the night.

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