Many photos of Levi showed the worrying white eye

We love babyworld.  Yes, ok we’re probably a bit biased, but having worked on the site between us for a combined total of 14 years, both Debbie and I are passionate about keeping mums informed, supporting our members and encouraging the friendships that many have made via our babyworld community over the years.  We came across a story recently that we wanted to draw your attention to.  Not only a story of babyworld friendship and support, but one that we should all be made aware of with regard to our children’s eyesight….

Donna and Sarah met on babyworld in 2007, when they both joined the May08 Antenatal Club.  Since having their babies they kept in touch with each other and the rest of their ANC, not only on babyworld but through Facebook too.

In November, Donna contacted Sarah to express her concern about some of Sarah’s Facebook photos of her son, Levi.  In many of the pictures, one of the pupils of Levi’s eyes appeared white – a bit like red eye, but only in one eye.  Donna had read an article about how this kind of appearance in photos can be indicative of a more sinister problem and wanted to let Sarah know, so that she could get Levi checked by a doctor.

Sarah immediately took Levi to an optician where he was screened and it was discovered that he had some significant issues with the sight in his right eye, and some partial blindness.  Levi was referred urgently to an eye specialist.

Following further tests, doctors discovered that thankfully Levi was not suffering from the rare eye cancer that Sarah feared, but they agreed with the optician and began treatment for severely impaired sight in his right eye.

Levi has since been given high prescription glasses and will be going back to see the consultant in February where he’ll be given a eye patch to wear on his healthy eye to encourage his bad eye to strengthen.

When we asked Sarah how she felt about the whole experience, her message was one of gratitude,

“Donna has without a doubt made such a difference, she may have saved my sons vision, for all we know we have caught it in time to be fixable!!”

Now Sarah wants to spread the word to all parents to get your children’s eyesight checked,

“I had not had his eyes tested, I had never been concerned about his eyes, and he hadn’t shown school or us any concerns. Had Donna not let me know, Levi could have totally lost his sight in that eye.”

NOW eye tests are free to ALL children!  Schools don’t generally do eye tests, SO please make an appointment and get all those beautiful eyes checked out like you do their teeth AND more importantly keep an eye on your friends photos – please help create awareness’

As Sarah has said eye tests and glasses are free for children up to the age of 16, there’s more information on the NHS Website.  Sarah has set up her own Facebook page to raise awareness, so do find out how Levi is getting on by taking a look, and perhaps you could like and share to make sure your friends and loved ones are aware too.

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