When we say ‘good vibrations’, we’re not talking about the Beach Boys!  It would seem that music (and the vibrations it causes) could make a significant difference to the success rates of IVF according to a Barcelona based fertility clinic who held a concert recently for 380 embryos!

The concert, an initiative of the Institut Marquès clinic in Barcelona, is part of a research project on the positive effects of music on the embryonic and foetal development.

The live music concert involved singer Antonio Orozco, a well-known in Spain and Latin America and coach on the Spanish version of BBC’s The Voice, performing for 380 embryos while they were developing in incubators.

The patients embraced the initiative with enthusiasm, with British patients commenting: “It’s wonderful to know that our embryos were looked after in such a special and unique way.”

Dr. Victoria Walker, fertility specialist at Institut Marquès, explained “Patients from our London office are increasingly interested in our IVF incubators that are hooked up to music.”

Institut Marques’ trials demonstrate that the vibrations, caused by the music, increase the success rate of in vitro fertilization by 5% and improve the development of the embryos. Therefore, the centre has developed an innovative method that includes the incorporation of music in all the Embryoscope incubators.

This September, Freddy –the first British baby conceived using music in the IVF incubator – will turn three years old.

Dr. Marisa López-Teijón, Assisted Reproduction Director of the clinic, said “By using music during the IVF process, we are getting closer to our aim of recreating the natural conditions that the embryos experience in the human body, in our laboratory. Recreating the conditions of the human body improves fertilization rates, which in our case, are already amongst the best rates worldwide.”

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