At the start of the summer holidays, with that never ending 6 weeks stretch ahead of you, it can easily feel as though time slows down and that this 6 week period is going to last for an eternity. What are you going to do to keep the kids entertained? How can you solves the issue of child care? Then just as you are getting into the swing of things, its back to school.

This year Jack goes into year 2 and our youngest Tom is starting reception. BIG school! They’ll be on the playground together for the first time. I’m looking forward to hearing their stories.

For those of you who are sending your child into school for the first time this year, it probably feels like a big deal – and it should, it is a big deal. Now that its Toms turn we’re a little more laid back (like most things with your 2nd) but even so we have all the same worries as when we first sent Jack in.

Will he make friends? Will he get on with the teachers? How will he handle play time and will he eat his lunch? I know he’ll be fine but for my wife this one is a bigger deal however. She has been a full time mums since Jack was born (and he’s 6 now) so I think this will be quite heart wrenching for her. We’ve both become quite accustom to the sound of little feet pottering about (I work from home you see on Your Baby Club) but there will definitely be something missing for her for a while. ***note to self, buy wife sentimental gift***

So how to cope with your little ones first day…AND how to help your partner though it!

Focus on the positives and the future rather than looking back and pining for your baby.  School is great for them and they come home full of enthusiasm AND sleep better than they’ve ever slept before.

If they’ve been a regular at Nursery, they’ll probably take to school like a fish to water and if not, maybe try to introduce your child to some stay and play sessions before big school starts, just to help them acclimatise a bit.

Do something memorable and start a tradition. We have a picture taken every year by a particular wall at the school, one of Jack, and now Tom and then one with friends. After school on the first day back we also have a special tea – we let the boys decide and make sure we all eat together (Which we try to do anyway)

The boys always have an early night on the first day back too, as they are both so exhausted – which is one of the positives you can focus on with your partner. A solid routine, and the possibility of a quite night to yourselves. Not bad eh!

Make buying the uniform/ pens/ pencils/ books/ bags a special treat. A day out that’s all about them. Let them choose the bits that want (within reason, no one’s made of money) as these things help them define their individuality when they are at school.

Now back to school does mean a lot of shopping, and I mean a lot so it’s best to look out for deals and offers – most supermarkets have back to school sales and there can be some amazing offers found online.

Nutmeg at Morrison do great school uniforms (or so my wife tells me) and she says that these are the best quality for the lowest price. So there you go.

Here is a snap from Jacks first day at school a few years and I’ll send one of Tom when he’s off for his first day too. I’ll let you know how we get on.

Good luck to you all!

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